A detailed Headphone Buying Guide in 2021- factors to look at before purchasing a headphone

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One of the most used smartphone accessories is headphones 🎧. No doubt about that. After the Mobile case, the most active use of accessories is headphones. To purchase the Best Headphone this detailed Headphone buying guide will help you to find a compact and best piece for yourself.

So, let’s take a look what are the some factors you should consider before buying a Headphone 🎧.

1.Types of Headphones or Earphones

The first and for the most important factor is which types of headphones or earphones you want to buy. It means that for which type you are comfortable with and how much time ⌚ you used an earphone or headphones 🎧. So based on these things you have to decide whether you purchase in-ear earphones or over-ear earphones (that means Headphones) or On-ear headphones.

In-Ear, Earphones mean they are fitted inside the ear. So question is that who takes in-ear earphones. The One who used it for longs hours in day or night time ⌚ roughly 6-7 hours daily. Because these are light in weight and feel light for your ears. If you use over-the-ear or on-ear headphones for that long time you feel bulky. Noise cancellation is that not much great for in-ear earphones.

Over earphones or Headphones means which are small in size and fit over the ear 👂 Comfortably. So, question is that who takes over-ear headphones. These are built for those who work in the office 🏢 or do some online pc stuff or like video editing. These are also not good noise cancellation Headphones. Because there is space between the ear and buds of the headphones. But if you listen to music 🎶 in a quiet place you feel good in terms of noise cancellation.

On-Ear headphones mean that are large in size and cover all the area of the ear gives you the best sound experience in terms of noise cancellation. So who purchases On ear headphones that one who wants the best music experience and who doesn’t want the noise in their nearby. On-ear headphones are made for those who give more importance to audio quality. But for the health perspective in terms of ear, these are not for long hours using headphones because they are heavy and large in size.

2. Wired Headphones or Wireless

So the 2nd factor is whether you purchase wired headphones(or earphones) or wireless headphones. This question ❓ comes to mind when you are going to purchase a headphone.

Wired headphones provide you good quality audio. Also, they are cheap in price and you don’t need to worry about the charging of headphones from time to time. Wired headphones are always available to works.

But if you are not a fan of wired headphones and feel irritated with wire. Then you can choose wireless headphones. But you have to take extra care of the battery 🔋 and charging headache. Also audio quality degrades when you choose wireless headphones.

3. Driver Size

Driver size is very important for a headphone. Because it depends on drive size how good is the quality of earphones or headphones. in general Larger the driver size better will be the audio output of the headphones. In earphones, there are multiple drivers for bass and treble. But if there are the number of drives are increases then audio quality increases but the cost of the headphones or earphones also increases.

4. Cable Materials or Built Quality In Wired Headphones

IF you want to purchase wired earphones or headphones then you should look for quality materials. First, you should look for a cable that is not thin or made of cheap materials. The wire should be tangle-free. If the cable is Braided then it is the best choice. Because the cable is the main reason that ruins your headphones. So wire quality is a very important aspect.

IN terms of materials like eardrums are made of plastic or metal or wooden made. In general, prefer metal eardrums. But if in case you purchase metal eardrums headphones then its care is important. But you should prefer metal eardrums. It gives you good sound quality and metal-made headphones good to carry.

5. Jack

Most earphones or headphones have 3.5 mm, Jack, in the market but the craze of the type-c jack is popular in today’s making of headphones companies. In the current scenario, companies have eliminated the 3.5 mm jack from the phones. So please check the jack slot before buying a headphone.

6. Microphone 🎤

When you are going to purchase new headphones then you should check ☑ At least it must have a Microphone in it. Because it is necessary that it can ease you to make calls or take calls. So always check that your headphones or earphones must-have microphone.

Hope you like the Article of A Detailed Headphone Buying Guide.

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