How to upgrade RAM on laptop

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If you Are a beginner 🔰 and want to upgrade RAM(Random Access Memory) on your laptop. If you want to upgrade RAM the first time and have doubts about which points should I consider upgrading? Don’t worry about that. A full detailed Guide is provided How to Upgrade RAM on Laptop Below. Each factor is considered when you decided to upgrade your laptop.

Read 📖 the full article below. And I will make sure that all of your doubts will be cleared at the end of this article about RAM(Memory). Also, you will find the Best cost-effective RAMs for your laptops.

Let’s start step by step guide.

1. Size of Storage.

There are different versions of storage or can say memory like 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB RAM in the market. But It depends on the uses what you need from your laptops. It also depends on your laptop how much it supports upgrading RAM. For this, you can go on to the manufacture’s website to check by entering the laptop modal number. What type of work you want to do on your systems like simple homework, browsing, Video editing, or running high-end applications like AutoCAD or Other 3D software. Laptops in the current time come with at least 4Gb RAM or 8 GB RAM at the entry-level in the market. But the questions arise when you have to upgrade your laptop. So let’s understand different aspects of the sizes of storage of RAM.

4 GB RAM—This is the basic level that a cheap budget laptop comes with. A 4 GB RAM laptop is basically enough for Browsing, Watching movies, Run MS-office or read Documents. For these simple tasks, a 4 GB RAm’s Laptop is enough for day-to-day life.

8 GB RAM—If the work is like Browsing multiple(15 or more) in Browsing software like Chrome or do multitasking. In this case, if you are a beginner you should consider at least 8 GB RAM in today’s time. A laptop with 8 GB RAM with a good graphic card can easily run some games smoothly. Laptops starting with the price of 500$ generally come with 8 GB RAM. But in case if you want to upgrade you can put another 8 GB or More variant that’s your laptop supports in the 2nd slot.

16 GB RAM—Now comes the point who needs a 16 GB RAM laptop. If you are a moderate user and loves to play games with enhance graphics or wanted to do video editing on high-end software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Then you should consider at least 16 GB of RAM in your Laptop.

32 GB RAM—A 32 GB laptop RAM is not built for everyone. It is only for those peoples who are professional work as Modeling, 3D printing, or those who need to run an application like AutoCAD. A 32 GB RAM laptop can do anything smoothly with full processing power. Laptops build with 32 GB RAM also have high Internal storage or SSD. These laptops also come with High-end graphics cards which makes laptops costly.

2. Operating system (OS)

Now comes the second point which is the operating system. Generally, there are windows and Linux operating systems that use in most cases. But operating systems have two variants 32 bit and 64 bit. When you purchase a new laptop you have to check that which bit is supported.

32-bit Operating system — A 32 bit OS laptop can not be upgradable. These laptops are cheap in price. The RAM that they come with generally only supports that much type of memory. So, if you really need a laptop that can be upgradable in the future must not 32 Bit OS. These laptops come from starting price of 200-250$.

64-bit— A 64 bit OS laptop starts in the range of 400$ price. They are the entry-level that you should consider when purchasing a new laptop. Also, you have to check maximum storage that can be upgraded in the future with these laptops. For this, you can check on the manufacturer’s website.

3. Type of RAM or Form Factor

One of the most important factors when choosing a RAM to upgrade. What type of form is that of your RAM? Is it DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, or DDR5? If your laptop is before 2017, then there are laptop came with DDR3 RAMs by default. But in today’s time the trend of DDR4 RAM. So, in most cases, DDR4 RAM is inbuilt in laptops. So now the question comes how to decide which Form of RAM fits in your laptop. You should not purchase any RAM without considering this factor. Because it is not fit in the laptop if purchase different RAM form other than that of yours Laptops.

The number of bits in DDR3 is less than that of DDR4. DDR5 has more than that of DDR4. It depends on the slot of your laptop’s RAM whether it is DDR3, DDR4, or DDR5. So it is a must to have knowledge that which form is supported by your’s laptop.

In windows, there is a software called CPUID. You can install it on your laptop and can easily check what type of RAM is inside your laptop. So you must check the slot form of RAM of your laptop before purchasing a new RAM for upgrading.

4. Frequency of RAM

The frequency of RAM means that how fast the processing of the laptop. Usually frequency 1200, 2600, 2400,3200 MHz. If you are going to get another RAM for your laptop you must check frequency. The more the frequency more the speed of a laptop. A RAM of 2600 MHz frequency gives a good speed. But if you go with higher frequency RAMs, then it will increase the cost. So, decide first how much speed you want from your laptop. If you have an i7 processor in your laptop then you must purchase a RAM of 3200 MHz. If the processor is i5 or i3 then a RAM of frequency of 2600 MHz is more than enough.

5. Slots Of Laptop

So the next point is if you really want to upgrade your laptop’s RAM. Then you have to replace the existing Slot of RAM of your laptop or you have to put extra RAM in another slot of your laptop. You can check how many slots is your laptop has. to check this…….


Now you can easily find how many slots without opening your laptop. Maximum laptops have 2 -4 slots empty. But a gaming category laptop has 4-6 slots empty. Now suppose your laptop has 8 GB of RAM and you have increased this to 16 GB. Then it is a much better option to insert another 8 GB of RAM in another slot. It will make communication better between the two separate RAMs. This will increase the performance of the laptop. But if your laptop has 4 slots empty then you can go with 4 GB RAM for each of these slots. It will be budget-friendly and also gives more performance to your laptop because 4 GB RAM is cheaper than 8 GB RAM. One more benefit is that if one slot’s RAM is dad or infected then another Slots RAM will handle the laptop’s processing. In this case, you can change dead RAM easily. Also, you save the Repairing cost of your laptop if that’s happening.

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