Tips To Buy Best Laptop-Full Laptop Buying Guide In 2021

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Laptop Buying Guide | Windows vs DOS | i3 vs i5 vs i7 Explained | Tips To Buy Laptop Online Or Offline.

If You want to purchase a laptop and still confuse which Laptop is Best For You. These Below Points Will Clear All types of doubts which laptop is suitable for you.

So, first of all, you have to ask yourself which need you to want a laptop. Whether it is for educational purposes or any other high-demand skill likes programming, video editing or graphic designing, etc.

1. Processor

There are only two companies genuinely exist. First is Intel and second is AMD. When you see these are the two companies which are 99.9% of the processor holder in the market.

If you are looking for a cheap laptop in your budget. Then an AMD processor laptop will be most favorable than Intel because the power of an AMD processor remains high but its price will be low in a low-budget laptop like below 300-400 $.

Intel Processor Power remains low in the low-end price laptops. But if your budget is higher than it is a must that you should consider only Intel Processor.

Now let’s come to the point that Intel makes different types of processors like Pentium 4, Dual-Core, Core 2 duo, i3,i5,i7,i9. Don’t think that it is generation going on 3rd, 4th or 5th like that. It is not works like that these are just modal’s name. If i can explain you that Intel make different types of processor for different kinds of works.

When you see in the past then come Core 2 Duo or Quad Core. But at current I3 Processor is running at market’s entry-level then i5, i7, and i9 processors are present in the market.

i3 Processor have 2 Cores, i5 processor have 4 cores, i7 have 4-8 cores and i9 processor have more than 8 cores.

Let’s explain “Cores” in brief. It means as 2 person works together, 4 persons work together or so on. It can be easily understood that 4 persons work more efficiently than 2 persons work together. Hope This will clear the myth of processors.

Now Let’s come to the point that what laptop you should buy. If your works are light like you have to watch movies, surf the internet or run some light applications, then i3 laptops are good enough for you. Because if you go for i5 or i7 processor laptops then it will be a total waste of money. Because you can not take work from these laptops what they are capable of.

If Your work is like video editing, photoshop, or run high-end software like Autocad or other applications that need powerful processing power, then you have to look for an i5 processor, not i3. But more powerful processors than i5 are i7 and i9. here you can play high-level games with strong graphics. then i7 and i9 processor laptops are best.

2. Generations

now lests come to the point that what is generation means in laptop. lets understand with an example…….

when you purchase a laptop you will see generations in terms of like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th generations ahead of the processor. now it comes to mind what is this. so processors making company makes chip circuit small time to time. like 4th generation processor of intel has 28-nanometer chips in its circuit whereas 5th generation has 14 Nanao meter chips. so intel like company makes processor size decreasing with time. this is only done for that to make the power efficiency of the processor more so that battery backup of laptops increases.

so, the conclusion is that in the online and offline market laptops are selling with a 4th generation entry barrier. now you have to look at what type of laptops do you actually need and what is your budget allows and also for which work you need a laptop.

Hope this clear the concept of Generations of procesor of a laptop.

Also, I suggest you purchase the latest generation laptop if you have increased some bucks with your budget. because it is made with the latest technology. an i3 with 8th generation is far better than i3 with 2nd or 4th generations.

3. RAM(random access memory)

after the processor, the most important component is RAM. RAM is starting with 4Gb 6Gb 8Gb, 12Gb, or 16Gb and so on. what happens is that processor works for processing of input to give output on the behalf of our instructions like a window opening, browser opening, playing games. for these instructions, something needs to store before going to the processor. so the concept comes that of RAM(random access memory).

because what things we are running on our system and store. so that input and output have given to RAM by the processor of the laptop. more the rAM more processing can be done by laptops means multitasking.

one thing should also be noted that if you give i3 processor 8Gb or 16 Gb RAM, then the situation is becoming like that a small room has many doors. so the processor can not work with that much memory. So if you purchase i3 then 4GB is sufficient because it can hold processing with that much memory. and if you are looking for i5 i7 or i9 laptops then the minimum requirement is 8Gb RAM. Automatically an i5 laptop comes with a minimum of 8GB RAM. because in today’s time Window 10 is a must in laptops and it is Acquired 2 Gb of RAM of the laptop easily.

RAM has also different versions like Ddr2, Ddr3, Ddr4. storage means how fast it can read and write instructions. ddr4 hs best read and write speed among all versions. Also, the latest versions help to increase the power of laptops. so it is a must to go with the latest technology so go for only the ddr4 version of random access memory(RAM).

4. Hard Drive or hard disk(HDD)

Now the fourth component that is important to purchase a laptop is a Hard drive(HDD). so now come the question is how much hard disk space you need in your laptops. hard drives are two types no. 1 is HDD(hard disk drive) and no. 2 is SDD(solid-state drive). Hard drives have large storge likes 1 Tb 2 Tb and so on…

but a solid state drive also have different varient of storage. 128 gb, 256 gb etc.

in HDD there is a cylinder in which all data is stored whereas in sDD all data stored in a micro cheap. because of that SDD speed is much faster than that of HDD. The read and write speed of SDD is lightning fast. also, SDD comes with a higher price range. So it depends on the customer that what are the requirements he needs in their laptops.

It is fact that apple laptops come in a higher price range. they are only in SSD inserted in them but space is less as compare to other company’s laptops.

5. operating system(OS) or Generally called Window

when you purchase a laptop online or offline market if there comes windows 10 operating system in it. It means you have paid extra 100 dollar for that. but if don’t reuire microsoft windows operating system in your laptops. you can easily choose a laptop with DOS or linux Operating system. it can save you 100 bucks from your pocket.

but I will recommend you to go with a laptop that comes with a windows operating system or window 10. if you have not the special necessity of other operating systems.

6. display

now another factor comes is that display of the laptop. it is depend on resolution and display sizes of laptop that how much price you are going to pay for a laptop.

resolution is known to everyone in today’s times like 720p, 1080p, 4k, or 6k like that. so if you purchase a laptop with full HD resolutions then you have to note that it has a graphic card or not in if your full HD laptop doesn’t have the graphic card then no means is to buy a full HD laptop. Because Graphic Card is GPU on your laptop.

7. Graphic Card

Graphic card is need of today’s time laptops. I will recommend at least go for a 2Gb graphic card with your laptops. because it can shows what you want to see on your display and play your games or run applications easily in today’s time.

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