Sportcraft Tx 350 Treadmill Review

Treadmill Doctor is 100 years old branded company. Sportcraft Tx 350 Treadmill Belt Is one of the best product when you you are going to replace your treadmill. It is one of the high-quality belts tested By PVC top coat and a polyester blended backing.

  • Material: PVC
  • Adhesive Property: Pre Lubricated
  • Size: 95" To 98"
  • Material
  • Durable
  • Value For Money
  • No Cons

Sportcraft Tx 350 Treadmill Review

Sportcraft Tx 350 Treadmill belts are made of PVC. It is slim and durable which makes life easy and lowers the strain on the treadmill components and which decreases the chances of damage to your treadmill parts.

Sportcraft Tx 350 Treadmill belts are pre-lubricated which makes it easy for you to install on the treadmill.

It fits your treadmill easily and working well with it.

Sportcraft Tx 350 Treadmill Belt

Sportcraft Tx 350 Treadmill Review

Key Features

  • FREE 24 Months Warranty Certificate by Walking Belts (make sure you receive warranty certificate with your order to validate this offer) Offer begins: 1/15/2013
  • 1 Ply Lubricated Belt with 100% Silicone – Fasteners (included)
  • FREE 2 Bottles of 1 oz. Lubricant by Walking Belts
  • NOTE: If Walking Belts lubricant and Walking Belts certificate are not included with your order upon receipt, request your money back and your product is FREE OF CHARGE.
  • This product is MADE IN USA

Top Specifications

  • It has durable construction. The treadmill walking belts from Treadmill Doctor are built to last. Treadmill Doctor walking belts are designed with 2-ply commercial quality and are suitable for both commercial and home treadmills. Running belts, treadmill bands, striding belts, jogging belts, and similar terms are used to describe them.
  • Treadmill Doctor walking belts are more pliable than walking belts from other manufacturers. Treadmill belt rotation is more difficult with thicker walking belts. This increased load on the motor will result in faster component breakdown.

  • Treadmill Doctor’s treadmill walking belt has been pre-lubricated and contains an additional lubricant treatment. To prevent friction and stress on the other components of your treadmill, oil your walking belt at least once a year.
  • The Treadmill Doctor treadmill walking belts have a one-year warranty that covers faults in materials and workmanship — the longest warranty in the industry. Some versions even come with extended warranties.

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