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Do you want to purchase a hard disc or a new computer, but you have no clear picture of the technological jungle? No issue! No problem! We’ll tell you if you value HDD or SSD as a hard drive.

1. HDD or SSD – which hard drive type is better?

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD) are two types of data storage devices that differ in operation and thus in their characteristics:

  • HDDs are cheaper to purchase than SSDs, and have a bigger capacity – up to 16 terabytes of storage space are available. These magnetic hard discs are ideal for big quantities of data, such as photos and films.
  • SSD’s work faster, quieter and smaller and lighter than HDD’s. They are therefore perfect for installation of the operating system and other programmes or usage on mobile devices like laptops as hard discs.

Combination Of HDD or SDD

Which of the two hard disc kinds is the ideal way for you to use SSD or HDD. Many desktop PCs and laptops are combining different technologies: the operating system and programs, while the HDD hard drive, for huge volumes of data, are put on a speedier SSD.
You can swiftly start and use your computer without relying completely on pricey SSDs.
The ideal thing is not whether you use an HDD or SSD, but just how your data is distributed on the storage media.

Advantages Of SSD

The SSD is the most contemporary hard disc technology in comparison with the HDD. The biggest advantage is the fast speed: due to high data rates the access times are considerably decreased and the computer boots very quickly and the programmes are run accordingly swiftly.
Moreover, the SSD storage is a little more sturdy than the HDD, because no mechanical and moving components are included. Solid state drives are vibration-insensitive and practically noiseless. It’s saved on many flash memory – similar to a USB stick.

  • High reading speed: the computer starts up very quickly and programs are executed quickly.
  • No mechanical components: insensitive to shocks and vibrations.
  • Small and light: ideal for mobile devices and as a portable external hard drive.
  • Low power consumption: the economical SSDs ensure a longer battery life for laptops and the like than when operating an HDD.

The SSD currently can store data amounts of up to four terabytes at a greater price than the HDD. That is why it is particularly important to acquire the fast hard disc when little to medium storage capacity and quick access is needed.

Advantages Of HDD

The HDD is a mechanical hard disc: the information is stored on rotating magnetic discs read out on a moving arm by a sensor. Therefore, these storage media are vulnerable to vibration damage. The hard disc drive works also at a relatively modest pace, which is why extended loading periods, such as when you start the computer or run programmes, can ensue. Common HDDs have 5,400 or 7,200 revolutions per minute write and read speed (rpm).

However, the magnetic hard drive offers many advantages if you want to archive large amounts of data:

  • Hard disk drives are much cheaper than SSDs, which is particularly noticeable when high capacities are required.
  • The maximum storage capacity of HDDs (16 terabytes) has not yet been achieved by the more modern SSD.
  • In the event of damage, the data on a magnetic hard drive can still be recovered with the help of special tools.

Price Performance Ratio Of HDD

Internal hard drive for significant amounts of data storage such as music, photos and movies on desktop or laptop computers.

External hard drive for archiving (long-term), your own film or large media collections such as the digital music library (safety copy).

An Altenative: SSHD

Alternatively, the Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) is an alternative to combining SSD and HDD as two hard discs. Here an HDD disc has a flash memory (as in the case of the SSD) that combines the advantages of both technologies in a single housing. In comparison to the relevant technology, however, the benefits only have a limited effect.

Advantages Of SSHD

  • Works faster, although slower than the SSD than an HDD.
  • Is cheaper than an SSD, but (typically) cost more than an HDD.
  • Has a longer lifetime than an SSD, but does not achieve HDD durability.

In general, the use of an SSHD is recommended if you need a fast and affordable hard drive with a slightly longer service life.

The often used information is saved not only on the HDD hard disc, but also on the flash memory. This means that programmes that you often call up can be run very rapidly. The computer startup should also quicken after several startups, since the necessary files are also saved on the SSD.
If you employ extremely diverse apps and data, on the other hand, you will not benefit from quick flash memory technology.

Is SSD more reliable than hard drive?

The SSD’s biggest drawback is its expensive buying price. In addition, the data from a damaged memory can no longer be read via specific techniques as opposed to HDD hard drives. For this reason, you should not rely just on SSDs to archive your data for a long time, but additionally utilise an HDD.

Within the desktop PC or laptop, the Solid State Drive is ideal as

storage location for the operating system and all 
programs – old PCs can also be retrofitted and accelerated in this way.
As an 
external hard drive for quick replacement , a solid state drive is the best choice.

Which is better SSD or HDD or both?

Your PC operates fast and reliably by using both technologies but it is still economical to archive big amounts of data. You need not choose an HDD or SSD and can use both hard disc technologies to their best advantage:
The SSD is perfect as storage site for your operating system and apps due to its high speed – waiting times can be avoided when booting up and interacting with the computer.
SSDs have fewer capacities and expensive purchase prices and the stored data cannot be restored in the event of damage. A second hard disc in the form of an HDD is thus suitable for long-term archiving of music, photographs and videos.

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